Cubs Otter Lake Camp

The 3rd Ottawa spring Cub Camp at Otter Lake was a blast.  Despite the (at times heavy) rain on Friday and Saturday nights, we enjoyed games, hiking, good food, then swimming (for some!) and a fantastic campfire on the lake.

We had a campfire going most of the weekend near our cooking shelter, and the Cubs themselves rekindled it from ashes on Sunday morning (under the watchful eye of a few leaders – they did a good job!)

One of our swimming cubs

Roasting marshmallows is part of the Cub experience

The food this camp was plentiful and traditional – eggs, bacon, spaghetti, beans and hotdogs.  Added to that was a Canadian treat, bannock (in essence, the dough for scones cooked over a fire).  Cubs wrapped their hot dogs in bannock, roasted it on a fire and – voila, instant delicious treat.

A great camp, with great leaders, and fantastic cubs!

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