Venturer Uniforms

The Venturer Uniform (2020)

The Venturer formal uniform will generally only be worn on formal occasions, and is consistent with the Scout and Leader uniforms. The Canadian Venturer Handbook contains information about insignia, and the location of the various badges, as well as the Queens Venturer Award. We have found that colour helps in the descriptions, and certainly seeing where the badges go will assist you.

The adobe iconVenturer Scouts insignia placement PDF from the Scouts Canada website

Your necker is red, and the 3rd Ottawa insignia (the orange fleur-de-lis) goes at the point of the necker in the back. The necker is rolled from the hypoteneuse towards the 45-degree point.

If you have any questions, please contact us. There are also some great reference materials for new parents on the Scouts Canada New To Scouting: Parents page. 

The 3rd Ottawa affixes our Group Crest to the back of the necker, so there is no need to attach it to the sleeve of the uniform, nor do you need to leave space for it.