Race Track Instructions

The 3rd Ottawa Race Track was purchased in 2013 to replace a decades-old wooden track that had reached the end of its useful life span.  The Group Committee determined that purchasing a track was the best option for the 3rd Ottawa, and after some research it was determined an aluminum track would be practical, durable, sustainable, and give many years of enjoyment to the youth of the 3rd Ottawa.

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While all of the instructions are included in the case, from time to time they may need to be reprinted, or may get lost or damaged.  New instructions can be downloaded and/or printed here.

– Illustrated Assembly Instructions for the 3rd Ottawa Race Track (PDF)
– Track Manual from Pinewood Derby Tracks, the manufacturer. 
– Start Gate Manual from Pinewood Derby Tracks, the manufacturer
– Micro Wizard K2 timer instructions, from the manufacturer

If you are a leader from another group, the 3rd Ottawa did extensive research prior to purchasing this particular track.  There are a number of track vendors out there who make Kub Kar (or Pinewood Derby as they are called in the USA) tracks, and we looked at the relative benefits and drawbacks of each.  Wooden tracks do wear out over time; plastic or ABS tracks we felt were not environmentally sound.  We felt that the aluminum track would be the most durable and if it ever reached a point when it needed to be replaced, would be fully recyclable.

Our decision was to purchase an aluminum track and electronic track from Micro Wizard in Union, Kentucky, USA and our experience was excellent.  Their communications were top notch, responding to us even on weekends, and when a piece of the original track arrived damaged, they shipped out a new one instantly.  Their guarantee does not have a time limit.  It was a great experience. We can confidently recommend them to any group seeking a new race track.
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We also followed their instructions for a crate for the track and all of its components, which were easy to follow and resulted in a great case for the track.
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