Cub Cars

One of the popular events that occurs every year in Cub Scouts is Cub Cars.  Small wooden cars with plastic wheels that the cubs design, build, decorate and race.  On this page you will eventually find a compendium of Cub Car design knowledge and information.  For now, we have the design template (which we ask the cubs to fill out with the basic outline of their car, that we then cut out, because not everyone has a band saw).
Cub Car Design Template (PDF)

Sometimes cubs want to design very intricate or complex designs; this sheet has tips for how we recommend you go about either achieving that design, or altering it.
Complex Cub Car Design sheet (PDF)

Balsa is a light weight, low density wood usually from Ecuador, that enables us to add volume to a cub car without adding as much weight as pine or spruce.  This makes it ideal for a cub car that we are trying to keep under 142g.  This sheet goes through how to treat balsa on a cub car.  NOTE you can purchase small amounts of balsa for use on your cub car at Michaels.
Balsa wood instructions

Once the cub cars are finished, we have unfortunately had cubs destroy their cars accidentally before the race day by stepping on them, oiling them, or other things. This sheet contains some tips on how to keep your car safe until race day.
Keep your Cub Car safe

Assembly instructions for our aluminum race track are included in the case, and are also downloadable here.