Our Structure

The 3rd Ottawa Group is a part of Voyageur Council, which itself is one of  the 21 national Councils in Scouts Canada.

Our Group is managed by a Group Committee that reports into the Council Key 3 and is supported by a Group Support Scouter.  Our Group Committee (all volunteers) meets once a month to go over our program, finances, and ensure the Sections (e.g. Beavers, Cubs…) are following the Scouts Canada program.  Scouts Canada groups have sponsors, who are normally the owners of the places that the Groups meet, but not always.  In the case of the 3rd Ottawa, our sponsor is Westminster Presbyterian Church and they do have a seat on our Group Committee and we work in partnership with them.

Our Group Committee has its own budget largely responsible for registrations at the beginning of the year, national or area fundraising, and group purchase items such as tents and other camping equipment.

The Group Committee is made up of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Sponsor Representative, and one leader from each of the four Sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers). The Group Committee follows the Scouts Canada BP&P (Bylaws, Policies and Procedures) which are published on the Scouts Canada website.

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