First Steps

This page contains some of the key things you need to know in Scouting.  Taking the Woodbadge I and II courses will quickly familiarize you with many of the concepts and conventions in Scouting, and your existing Section leaders and Group Committee should help you as well. The “Top 20 things you need to know“, published by Scouts Canada, likely answers a lot of “newbie” questions that you will have in the first weeks.  It is worth taking a read through it.

Adobe documentThe top 20 things you need to know

Now, while we respect this document, we also believe there were a few more items that we get lots of questions on from new leaders and parents.  So we thought we would start our own list of practical questions that we get all the time – or information that we in Scouting take for granted, and people new to the movement are curious about.  We welcome feedback from everyone!

Adobe The next 21 things you need to know (v.1.1)