Important resources for parents of 3rd Ottawa Youth, as well as 3rd Ottawa Leaders.

Uniforms: Detailed images of all Scouts Canada section uniforms with pictures and descriptions of our local regional badges, along with their placement.  If you are holding a badge that you think goes on the uniform and you cannot figure out from these pages where to put it, ask us!

Camping: There are several campsites in the Ottawa Region that we use regularly, and they are all listed here along with their websites (if they have one) and a Google Map from our regular meeting place, Westminster Presbyterian.  In addition, our packing checklists for winter, spring, and fall camps can be found here along with some favorite camp recipes and songs.

Recipes: We have posted some recipes that we use either while camping or at some of our activity nights.  In addition there is a How-To section that includes instructions on making boiling bag meals

Leaders: Resources we know about for new and existing section leaders in the Scouts Canada movement to help you with your program.  Useful for us here at the 3rd Ottawa, but useful for all Scouts Canada leaders too, so why not participate in a little “sharing, sharing, sharing” right, Beavers?

Links: Local businesses and services that we use in the delivery of our program to your youth. Often we are asked “where did you get…?” so why not just let you know up front…