Campsites list and contact info updated

Our Campsites Page lists many (most) of the local camps that we tend to use as a Group, along with links to their websites and GPS coordinates, as well as Google Maps links where practical.  

Over the course of the past few years, some of those camp websites have undergone changes and some of the more “wilderness” locations (like Algonquin Park) were missing. 

We have updated our Campsites page to reflect the new links from our local Scout, Municipal and Provincial campsites to reflect their updates wherever possible.  One local campsite, Impeesa at Lac Des Loups, may no longer be in operation and we are checking on that with the Scouts de l’Outaouais, who were operating it previously.  

If you see any errors or omissions to this list, please let us know at [email protected]

New adventure gear for 2022

Our Scout Troop has grown both in size and in capability, and our youth are looking for more real adventure – moving away from ‘car camping’ and getting into multi-day, self-contained trips.  Our current gear, like our 4-season Eureka tents are both in good repair and very usable, however they have one feature that is not desirable – weight.  The aluminum poles make for a heavy and bulky load when hiking into a wilderness.  

As a result, we have invested in a significant number of kits for our Scouting Patrols.  Our Scouters in the Troop section are experienced in outdoor adventure and in some cases have military training and background, and were confident in their choices of equipment.  

Platypus Gravity water filtration systemThe first consideration when moving into wilderness camping is a reliable water source.  The Platypus GravityWorks filtration system enables filtering up to 1.75 litres of water a minute without pumping – the youth just hang the bags at different heights and let gravity do the work, filtering out bacteria and protozoa and enabling water on the go.  

Following water, food is a necessity and carrying Coleman stoves and large pot sets is again both bulky and heavy.  Our new pot sets and single-burner stoves from MSR will give each patrol what they need for a safe, hot meal after a long hike. 


Finally, we have invested in some lightweight Big Agnes Copper Spur 3-man tents with footprints (ground sheet custom fit to the tent).  Coming in at just 1.5 Kg (about 3lbs 8oz), compared to the 4.9 Kg (10lbs 11oz) for our Eureka El Capitan tents.  Made of rugged, lightweight materials with storage pockets and head room to sit up inside, as well as being freestanding and easy to setup and take down, the Copper Spur makes for a great high adventure addition to the 3rd Ottawa camping arsenal. 

Whether camping at Camp Opemikon or in the middle of Algonquin Park, the 3rd Ottawa is ready for adventure! 

Yours in Scouting 
Tim Welch
Group Commissioner

Welcome to 2022-2023

The 3rd Ottawa is in full swing already this year with a Junior Sections (Cubs and Beavers) camp last weekend and a Scout camp running this weekend (Oct 1-2).  We have 94 youth and counting and are working towards increasing our volunteer team, as are many groups.  While we ran program through the pandemic – both virtually and in-person (when permitted), it is great to be back into the swing of outdoor adventures.  

This year, we are investing in some lightweight camping kits for our senior Sections (Scouts and Venturers), as well as continuing our now 10-year old program of ‘evergreening’ our standard and winter camping and outdoor adventure gear.  We are so fortunate to have Westminster Presbyterian as our sponsor and that they have provided great indoor storage areas for our gear.  Now more than ever, youth are looking to get outside, work together as a team, and experience real adventure – something we are happy to enable.  

We are this year also going to grow our Group Committee in order to ‘lighten the load’ for our Section Scouters and our Group Committee Scouters.  We are looking to reduce the volunteer workload and also add more Section Scouters (volunteers) in every Section working with the youth.  If you enjoy recruiting new volunteers, helping to onboard volunteers by getting them through our important safety and Scouting training, are adept with simple financial work, love managing an equipment store (quartermaster), we will soon be posting these and many roles. 

Finally, we are continuing to follow the Covid-19 guidelines published by Scouts Canada, which as of Oct. 1, 2022 are in Stage 5.  The Stage 5 pandemic Standards effectively lift all internal restrictions for all Scouting activities while deferring to all municipal and provincial public health restrictions.  You can review the full Stage 5 Standard here.  We are looking forward to some great outdoor fun and adventure after a long pandemic period. 

Watch our blog for more news soon, and welcome back to Scouting!

Apple Day – Sept. 28, 2013 at Real Canadian Superstore on Richmond Rd.

For decades you have seen the Beaver, Cub and Scout groups providing apples to the community as a “thank you” for supporting Scouting in the community (and accepting donations if you would like).  We are really happy to be the oldest continually operating Scouting group in Ottawa, having been a part of the Westboro area since 1914.

On Sept. 28, 2013 our youth will be at the main parking lot entrance to the Real Canadian Superstore on Richmond Road, polishing and providing apples – come on over and say hello to some of the youth and enjoy a wonderful crisp apple as you shop.

Apple Day is a traditional fundraising event that started right here in Canada. This is an annual event that provides our Scouting youth with an opportunity to show their appreciation to the general public for their support throughout the year. Our youth distribute apples as a way of saying “Thank You” to the community. Donations are accepted in exchange, but apples are not sold.

We look forward to seeing you!

3rd Ottawa Cub leader receives commendation

We are pleased to announce that Dave Fortier, the Akela of our Cub Pack at the 3rd Ottawa, received a Certificate of Commendation this week at our monthly Group Committee meeting, along with a very nice letter from the Governor General (the Patron Scouter of Scouts Canada).  Dave works tirelessly to put on a great Cub program, along with his experienced Cub leadership team.  Our pack remains a sellout every year for the past 5+ years.

In real life, Dave is a Director at PiP Animation, an award-winning local animation studio, and is highly active at Churchill School, the Rideau Canoe Club, and much more.  We are proud of Dave’s work at the 3rd Ottawa and know that our youth are having a great Cub Scout experience.

2013-2014 Scouting season is upon us

Once again, the Scouting year is gearing up.  2012 was a big year for the 3rd Ottawa – lots of fun events and camps, culminating for the Scouts in a summer adventure at Camp Haliburton where they took part in everything Scouting from canoeing, hiking and swimming to archery and riflery! What a great way to cap off an amazing year.  The Beavers and Cubs both had some incredible events over the year as well, and the group enjoyed our new Beaver Buggy / Cub Car / Scout Truck track for the first time at area events.

This year holds a lot of promise – a warm fall, area campsites in good shape (not too dry so campfires are ok), and enough water in our waterways to ensure some fun after a hike.  This is a great time to be in the Scouting movement – we have grown for three years in a row and so many new youth are realizing that having fun and adventure happens when you aren’t staring at a digital screen – no matter how high a resolution it is.

For the leaders in Scouting, we are enjoying renewed training programs and components meant to help us be better leaders, help us guide your youth in their adventure, have safe but challenging adventures, and of course, keep all of our youth members safe.  Many training programs are now wholly mandatory before anyone can be with a youth member of Scouts Canada – these include interviews, Police Record Checks, Child and Youth Safety, the famous Woodbadge leadership training program, and more.  Everyone at the 3rd Ottawa is dedicated to ensuring our youth have fun and adventure in a safe and welcoming environment.

What a great year for Scouting!


Two 3rd Ottawa Leaders recognized

As we near the end of the 2012-2013 Scouting season, now is a particularly busy time for leaders in all sections as camps, outdoor adventures, swim-up and other key activities take place – all guided by the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

Tonight, two of the 3rd Ottawa section volunteers were the first recognized under the new Outstanding Service Awards (OSA) program launched by Scouts Canada this year.  The new program aims to recognize high quality programs and the volunteers who enable them more regularly and under more fair processes.  As part of the OSA, for example, length of service was removed as a measure to receive an award; this enables good volunteers of any length of service to participate.  The program is driven by feedback from the Scouting community, parents and youth involved in the Scouting program.

Mike Seufert, a Troop leader, and Wesley Rodney, or “Turtle” a Beaver leader, were both awarded the Certificate of Commendation for Service to Scouting, along with a certificate and a special badge to wear on their uniforms.  Mike has worked tirelessly in the Cub and Scout sections to drive quality programs and give the youth the adventure promised in the Scouting program; his energy and enthusiasm for the programs shine through, working with the team of Troop leaders to do everything from long hikes to trips to Germany.  Wesley works to provide an unparalleled Beaver program for our youngest members, who enjoy his boundless energy and drive to provide quality programs – along with the entire team of Beaver leaders (he would want us to say that!)

Congratulations to Mike, Wesley, and all of our Colony, Pack and Troop leaders who provide such amazing programs to our youth at the 3rd Ottawa.  You inspire us all!

Sincerely Yours in Scouting,

Tim Welch
Group Commissioner
3rd Ottawa

3rd Ottawa gets a new Race Track!

[singlepic id=729 w=320 h=240 float=left] The 3rd Ottawa is the proud owner of a brand new Race Track for the Beaver Buggies, Kub Kars, and Scout Trucks.  In 2012 the Group Committee determined that the 20+ year-old wooden track the 3rd was using had reached the end of its service time.  Nicks and bumps and irregularities in the surface of the track were causing cars to crash unexpectedly and causing disappointment in the youth.

After some research, the Group Committee decided to purchase a track instead of building one – many of the leaders are very busy and it was determined this would be both cost effective and easier for all involved.  That said, it will also be a track that lasts a long time – we have purchased a track made of extruded aluminum, along with an electronic finish line – a purchase that should give the 3rd Ottawa decades of racing excitement.

In February, 2013 a former Cub and Scout, Eric Welch, along with Tim (his Dad and Group Commissioner) built a pine and birch carrying case for the track and all of its components.

Curious?  For parents and youth in the 3rd, join us at our pot luck on Feb. 20 and check out the new track!

Nov.11, 2012 – Remembrance Day

On Sunday, Nov.11, 2012, the 3rd Ottawa will be participating in the 10:30am service at Westminster Presbyterian and then serving coffee and tea after the service.

During the Remembrance Day service, we will have one of the 3rd Ottawa youth lay a wreath with a veteran.

We look forward to seeing as many youth, parents and leaders as possible at the service.  For more information contact the leaders in your Section.

Tim Welch