3rd Ottawa gets a new Race Track!

The 3rd Ottawa is the proud owner of a brand new Race Track for the Beaver Buggies, Kub Kars, and Scout Trucks.  In 2012 the Group Committee determined that the 20+ year-old wooden track the 3rd was using had reached the end of its service time.  Nicks and bumps and irregularities in the surface of the track were causing cars to crash unexpectedly and causing disappointment in the youth.

After some research, the Group Committee decided to purchase a track instead of building one – many of the leaders are very busy and it was determined this would be both cost effective and easier for all involved.  That said, it will also be a track that lasts a long time – we have purchased a track made of extruded aluminum, along with an electronic finish line – a purchase that should give the 3rd Ottawa decades of racing excitement.

In February, 2013 a former Cub and Scout, Eric Welch, along with Tim (his Dad and Group Commissioner) built a pine and birch carrying case for the track and all of its components.

Curious?  For parents and youth in the 3rd, join us at our pot luck on Feb. 20 and check out the new track!

2 thoughts on “3rd Ottawa gets a new Race Track!

  1. A big thanks to the Welch boys for the carrying case. The Beavers are very excited about our first (under the current leaders) Beaver Buggy experience.

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