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Despite some borderline weather, ROVENT 2014 was a great experience for our Company, 003 Venturers.  We arrived in darkness to Camp Opemikon swarming with almost 350 Guides, Venturers & Rovers.  We managed to find a few square feet to pitch our tents & mingled with the masses at mug-up after munching some brownies (didn’t quite make it to the tastiest treat competition)…

Saturday featured a noble quest, medieval tests of bravery, agility & strength, testing of catapults (the range was a bit short for ours) and a bit of a siege!

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The day ended with a banquet, dance/campfire and as much of The Hobbit movies as the Company could stay awake for….


Sunday started with an offer of service that included transporting the OPE docks for winter storage..apparently they steer just like you’d expect…That’s our guys at the stern.

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Overall an awesome camp, I’m sure we’ll be back next year….

Some more pictures are here…

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