Recipes: Scout Double-Stuff Apple Crisp

A Winter camp favourite.  Click to download the recipe for Double Stuff apple crisp

Starting Materials




Double Stuff Materials
Oatmeal 1 cup
Brown Sugar 1 cup
Flour 1/2 cup
Salt 1/4 teaspoon
Cinnamon 1-2 teaspoons, to taste
Butter 1/2 cup, room temperature
Apples 6 to 8 medium

Set Oven to 350oF
 Double Stuff Preparation

In a bowl:


  • Combine oatmeal, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and salt to make a mixture
  • Cut in butter till mixture resembles coarse crumbs (use a fork to squish butter into oatmeal mixture against the side of the bowl)


Filling Preparation

  • Peel apples and remove cores; thank goodness you have your knife permit!
  • Slice the apples so you get 12 to 16 slices per apple


  • Place apples in a baking dish (approximately 10 inches by 6 inches)
  • Spoon Double Stuff on top, it will be kind of lumpy


  • 350oF 40 to 45 minutes or until apples bubbling and crust looks good

Makes 4 generous servings….you need lots of energy at Winter Camp!


  • Lots of cookbooks and cooks still use imperial measurements
  • Always a good idea to check off what was added, as you add it!

 Some Imperial/ Metric Conversions

Imperial Measurement


1 teaspoon (tsp) 5 mL
1 tablespoon (tbs) 15 mL
1 cup (c) 225 mL
1 medium apple 1 medium apple!


Some Imperial Equivalents


3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon

1 cup = 16 tablespoons or 48 teaspoons

1 scant cup = 7/8 of a cup = 14 tablespoons