Cub Uniforms

Cub uniform orientation image and the old, tan-and-sash (pre-2011) versions of the Cub uniform.

Where do all these badges go?? It’s a question many first time Cubs and parents of Cubs (who generally have access to the sewing machine!) ask of the leaders. The Cub Scout Handbook contains an image similar to the one below, in that it describes the location of the various badges. We have found that colour helps in the descriptions, and certainly seeing where the badges go will assist you. The epaulets slide onto the shoulder flashes with the jaw of the wolf facing out; for the sixers and seconds, the epaulet with the stripe goes on the left shoulder (the opposite shoulder of the sash).

Your necker is red, and the 3rd Ottawa badge (the orange fleur-de-lis) goes at the point of the necker in the back. The necker is rolled from the hypoteneuse towards the 45-degree point. Please note that your necker may not be hemmed, you may want to hem it as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

New style (2011-2012 season) Cub Uniform
New 2011 cub uniform badge placement

Old-style (pre 2011) Cub Uniform
3rd Ottawa Old Style (pre 2011) uniforms