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Heritage Area Klondike Derby 2015

2015-02-16 17:07:34 wstevens

On Sat., Feb.07 2015 the 3rd Ottawa Scouts entered  in the annual Heritage Area Klondike Derby which took place at Lac Beauchamp, QC this year.

This event is in its 51st year, with over 20 challenges ranging from hill traverse and fire skills to physical challenges like the infamous gully crossing. Success demands a high level of teamwork and cooperation.

We are proud to say that our team of Scouts, a mix of first, second & third year scouts competing as “mongoose patrol”  won FIRST PLACE in their category for the event! (Intermediate Category) Congratulations Scouts on a great effort and fantastic result.

3rd Ottawa Venturers supported the event this year, serving 70 litres of hot chocolate at morning & afternoon stations, paying back for their past years of lounging at the HC station.

Go 3rd Ottawa!

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Venturer Winter Camp

2015-02-02 20:22:55 wstevens

The 3rd Ottawa Venturer Company held their 2015 Winter Camp Jan 30-Feb 1 at Johnson Lake in the Pontiac.

We had classic winter weather with lows in the mid -20s.  Activities included building a super quinzhee (slept 7), doing some ice fishing, and inventing a new sport…Quinzheebogganing.

Click this link to see a video….Quinzheebogganing

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Great Canadian Chill 2015

2015-01-08 19:14:47 wstevens

Leaders from all sections (Beavers, Cubs Scouts & Venturers) and 3 members of the 3rd Ottawa Venturer Company participated Jan 1st, 2015 in the Great Canadian Chill…..a quick dip in the Ottawa river.

This event is a great way to start the year & raises funds to support research & services for families affected by Childhood cancers.

3rd Ottawa was the top group fundraiser for the event!



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2014-10-19 21:42:37 wstevens


Despite some borderline weather, ROVENT 2014 was a great experience for our Company, 003 Venturers.  We arrived in darkness to Camp Opemikon swarming with almost 350 Guides, Venturers & Rovers.  We managed to find a few square feet to pitch our tents & mingled with the masses at mug-up after munching some brownies (didn’t quite make it to the tastiest treat competition)…

Saturday featured a noble quest, medieval tests of bravery, agility & strength, testing of catapults (the range was a bit short for ours) and a bit of a siege!


The day ended with a banquet, dance/campfire and as much of The Hobbit movies as the Company could stay awake for….


Sunday started with an offer of service that included transporting the OPE docks for winter storage..apparently they steer just like you’d expect…That’s our guys at the stern.



Overall an awesome camp, I’m sure we’ll be back next year….

Some more pictures are here…

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3rd Ottawa Venturers Trebuchet build

2014-10-05 15:54:19 wstevens

The 3rd Ottawa Venturer company got together for a few hours on the weekend to work on a Trebuchet for the upcoming ROVENT.


A variety of raw materials were turned into a mobile trebuchet.

With a bit of tuning we are now ready for medieval madness!

Trebuchet tuning video

Here are a few images

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