Cubs: Spring camp at Otter Lake

Hello Cub Parents,

Our spring camp this year will be just with the 3rd Ottawa pack, at Camp Otter Lake, which is owned by Scouts Canada, and actually located on Hughes Lake outside the town of Otter Lake, Quebec (I know – that is confusing).

The camp takes place June 1-3, 2012 and this campsite is well liked by the cubs, because of its unusual and fun shape Рa bowl-like valley through which the Cubs love to play manhunt and capture the flag Рas well as one of the best campfire locations in the Ottawa area, on a large table rock right beside the lake.  We are planning on lots of fun and night time activities, as well as some good hiking in the area Рthe lake has several beavers and we will certainly find downed trees and evidence of other animals.

Make sure you have this weekend booked off for the Cub year-end camp – it is always a fun one! There are directions and links to the camp on our Campsites page under the Resources link.


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