Leaders trained on WordPress

On Thursday March 8, some of the leaders of the 3rd Ottawa gathered and learned how to manage and edit the new 3rd Ottawa WordPress site.  The session featured not only learning how to edit the site, but an immediate start to collaboration on the features on the site, functionality, uses, and even naming conventions.

The 3rd Ottawa website just became a community effort!  It was a fun and interactive session with sweet homemade treats from Connie, chocolates as a reward for good questions and comments from Nancy G., donations of beverages and chocolates from Nancy P. and Steven M., and great ideas and participation from all who attended – thank you all.

Parents, youth and leaders can look forward to new content and new capabilities out of the 3rd Ottawa site, and through our Leader resources page we are going to share what we build with the larger worldwide Scouting movement (and in fact have already started!)

We will be holding another training session in April for any leaders who would like a refresher or who could not attend.

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