Scouts Fall Hike 2012: Arboretum to Vincent Massey Park

The 3rd Ottawa Scouts took advantage of the season to make a trip to the Dominion Arboretum, with a hike to Hog’s Back falls and Vincent Massey Park.

Established in the late 1800’s the arboretum is home to many different varieties of both native and non-native species.  An ideal spot for Scouts to work on their tree Identification Skills.  If you ever want to know what trees are where in the arboretum,  some meticulous soul has mapped the locations of all the different trees!  After some tree-ID we worked on our compass skills, as well as estimating distances.


After a quick lunch we headed over Hartwell’s lock and up the Rideau canal to Hog’s Back Falls

Hog's back Falls

We ended the day with a hike down through Vincent Massey park to catch the O-train at Confederation station, a quick train and bus connection to Dominion station, and a hike back to the church, still mostly dry!

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Nov.11, 2012 – Remembrance Day

On Sunday, Nov.11, 2012, the 3rd Ottawa will be participating in the 10:30am service at Westminster Presbyterian and then serving coffee and tea after the service.

During the Remembrance Day service, we will have one of the 3rd Ottawa youth lay a wreath with a veteran.

We look forward to seeing as many youth, parents and leaders as possible at the service.  For more information contact the leaders in your Section.

Tim Welch

Scouts First Camp of 2012-2013 Season: Survival Camp at Lac Phillippe

We have had our first camp of Fall 2012…

Survival Camp at Lac Philippe.  We headed out in the evening of September 28th, and were setting up tents in the twilight and under an amazing moon.

Saturday morning was beautiful and after a satisfying feed on Scout real-deal pancakes with sausages and maple syrup we set out for a hike to the Lusk Caves.

After testing the subterranean waters…still pretty chilly! we hiked back to our campsite to work on survival shelters.  Saturday evening saw a pre-emtive takedown of out tents while they were still dry,  investiture of 9 new youth and a Scouter in our troop, some songs around the campfire & a mug-up before rolling into our survival shelters with some warm rocks.

To quote a scout on Sunday morning (after a few overnight showers) “it would have been sort of disappointing if it hadn’t rained”  and to quote another  “The best camp sleep ever”.

We finished up with breaking camp, and working on knife, axe & saw permits

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Welcome to the 2012-2013 Scouting season

Hello Scouters and families,

Welcome to a new Scouting year at the 3rd Ottawa, it is a year of change and growth for the 3rd.  Our Group Committee and some of our leadership teams are seeing some changes, however with lots of continuity to maintain our excellent programs.

Our registration night will be Sept.5, 2012 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm at Westminster Presbyterian, and everyone should note that our Beaver and Cub sections are once again quite full; this is a testament to our excellent program.  Our Scouts have room only because so many of them are now of Venturer age; and there is a plan to have a Venturer Company once again at the 3rd this year – this is great news!

I have accepted the role of Group Commissioner, taking over from Stephen McFaul who has ably and professionally provided support to the 3rd for several years.  Stephen’s unwavering support and quiet work in the background has made our group run like clockwork during his tenure, and our relationship with headquarters consistent and clear; his calm approach to everything is one I would like to emulate – I would like to thank, and I know all of the leaders join me in thanking Stephen for his excellent service to the 3rd Ottawa.

At the same time, I will be stepping down from a decade at the helm of the Cub section.  I could not be more pleased to have David Fortier stepping into the Akela position, and look forward to his leadership and fun style at Cubs.  David has served the 3rd in both Cubs and Scouts, and brings lots of experience and energy to the role, along with a patience I admire – he’ll be a great Akela.

Wes Rodney and Mike Seufert will continue their outstanding programs in Beavers and Scouts, respectively, and will be aided by new leaders as well as existing ones.  Mike will also be helping out in Cubs.  Our leadership teams in all Sections remain strong and everyone brings new experiences and expertise to the group.  It looks like a great year ahead!

Yours in Scouting,

Tim Welch


Scouts 2012 Canoe Camp


We have had our final camp of Spring 2012…

Canoe Camp at Bon Echo Park.  We headed out in the evening of June 15th, and came back home on Monday June 18.

On the first day we took advantage of the calm weather to tour  Mazinaw rock by land & by sea.  The balance of the day was spent tootling around Mazinaw Lake & chilling on the beach.

This was followed up with a day on Joeperry lake, in a bit more wind and waves.  We practiced canoe rescue, had spider dogs on the beach and toured Pearson lake as well.

We finished up with breaking camp, and going for an overland hike to the primo swimming spot we visited on Day one.

Here are some pictures (Click to advance)::

Day One

Day Two

Day 3

Scouts: Bike Camp 2012

On Friday May 11, we camped  in Fitzroy Harbor Provincial Park – about
50 Km west of Ottawa. On Saturday May 12th, we rode our bikes back to Ottawa, ending up at the municipal campground on Corkstown Road in the Greenbelt. We camped there overnight.  On Sunday after a Mother’s Day breakfast of “Real Deal” Scout pancakes, we rode the remainder of the way back to the church – arriving there after lunch (Camping tacos at Britannia Beach)


For the full photo montage, see the Scouts Camping Pics page

Scout Trees 2012

The 3rd Ottawa Scouts participated in the 2012 edition of the annual ScouTrees campaign on Saturday, 2012 May 05.

( It was at same site in the East-end that we’ve worked at for the past few years.
That’s good because the Scouts can see the re-forestation progress made year-over-year.)

As in previous years, we met at the church early on on Saturday morning, drove in convoy to the site, planted hundreds of saplings, enjoyed a pizza lunch, then headed back to the church for pickup around 1:00pm.

A few highlight pictures are attached (Click to advance)

A water fountain for Westminster

The old fountain at Westminster

The old fountain at Westminster

The new fountain

The new fountain

Parents of 3rd Ottawa youth know that in our primary meeting area, the Westminster gym, there existed an old water fountain that, unfortunately, did not function.  Our last meeting place at Westboro had a functioning fountain that was used at every meeting, sometimes more than once, by the youth. It seems the fountain at Westminster had drainage issues, leaked, and was an older porcelain model that harboured germs and bacteria, and was not up to current code.

As the 3rd Ottawa had a very real and present need for a new fountain, and other groups that use the church would certainly make use of one as well, the 3rd Ottawa group committee decided to donate a fountain to the church.  It is a common practice for Scouting groups to make donations of items, time, and effort to their sponsors – recently the 97th Ottawa donated a new kitchen sink to Woodroffe United.

This past Thursday, the new water fountain was installed and ready to use.  As a result, your youth – and all the users of the church – will now have easy access to fresh, cool tap water at our meetings (the fountain is not refrigerated or powered, the water is at pipe temperature).

Enjoy!  The fountain is located in the hallway from the gym to the lower hall, next to the washroom.