Beaver Pics

Our photo albums contain some images of our various activities.  When you click on an image in an album, you will see an enlarged version and be able to flip between images.  Hit your “esc” key to go back to the album.Click here to get back to the index page after viewing a gallery.

Beavers 2016 Sping Camp

Our end of year camp at Otter Lake Scout Camp.

12 Photos

Beavers 2015 Spring Camp

Beavers attended the 3rd Ottawa All Sections Spring Camp

13 Photos

Beavers 2014 White Tail Sleepover

The 2014 White Tail Beavers Museum Sleepover Adventure

13 Photos

2013-14 Opemikon

End of year trip to Camp Opemikn

11 Photos

Beavers All Colony Sleepover

February 2014 All Colony Sleepover

10 Photos

Beavers 2013 White Tail Sleepover

The 2013 White Tail Museum Sleepover Adventure

17 Photos

Beavers 2013 Opemikon

Our end of year camping trip to Camp Opemikon

23 Photos

Beavers 2012 Beaver Buggies

Every Beaver built and raced a Beaver Buggy.

12 Photos

Beavers 2012 Cowboy Night

The Beavers held a cowboy night complete with appropriate outfits and cowboy activities.

13 Photos

Beavers 2012 Winterlude

The Colony visited Winterlude.

13 Photos

Beavers 2012 Edible Craft

We made a fun edible craft: Beaver dams.

3 Photos

Beavers 2012 Investiture

Pictures from our 2012 Investiture

8 Photos

Beavers 2012 White Tail Sleepover

The 3rd Ottawa White Tails spent the night at the Museum of Science and Technology along with hundreds of other local White Tails.

31 Photos